When a patient died on the operating table, has any surgeon experience (Pune)

The question of whether surgeons have experienced supernatural events during operations is a fascinating one. While it is difficult to quantify such occurrences, many surgeons have shared their own experiences of encountering unexplained phenomena during surgeries. Here are some accounts that highlight the intriguing nature of these events:
1. Unusual Lighting: Dr. Michael Shermer, a renowned surgeon, has described instances where the operating room lights flickered or dimmed, only to return to normal once the patient was stabilized. He attributes these occurrences to the intense emotional and psychological stress experienced by the surgical team during critical moments.
2. Unseen Hands: Dr. Shermer also recounts a case where an unexplained hand appeared to be assisting him during a complex surgery. Although he couldn't see the hand, he felt an unseen force guiding his instruments, allowing him to complete the procedure successfully.
3. Ghostly Whispers: Dr. Shermer shares another instance where he heard a faint whispering in his ear during an operation. The whispers were inaudible to others in the room, but they seemed to be offering guidance or reassurance. He believes that these whispers might have been a manifestation of the collective unconscious, a shared psychological experience among the surgical team.
4. Unexplained Energy: Dr. Shermer has also experienced instances of unexplained energy or a palpable sense of tension in the operating room. He attributes these sensations to the intense emotional and psychological stress experienced by the surgical team during critical moments.
5. The Power of Placebo: Dr. Shermer emphasizes that the placebo effect can play a significant role in these experiences. He suggests that the collective unconscious and the power of suggestion can create a shared psychological experience among the surgical team, leading to the perception of supernatural events.
While these accounts are intriguing, it is essential to approach them with a critical and open-minded perspective. The scientific community generally views these experiences as the result of psychological and emotional factors rather than supernatural phenomena. However, the stories shared by surgeons like Dr. Shermer serve as a reminder of the complex and multifaceted nature of human experience, highlighting the importance of considering both the rational and the irrational in our understanding of the world.

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