What is the cost of an MRI scan in Pune? (Pune)

The cost of an MRI scan in Pune can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the type of scan, the body part being scanned, the quality of the machine, and the reputation of the MRI center. Generally, the cost of an MRI scan in Pune starts at around Rs 3150 and can go up to Rs 22500. This wide range is due to the differences in the quality of the machines and the expertise of the medical professionals involved in the process.
For a standard MRI scan, the cost can range from Rs 3150 to Rs 8000, depending on the specific type of scan and the center performing it. For example, a basic MRI brain scan can cost around Rs 3150, while a more advanced MRI brain scan with contrast can cost up to Rs 5400. Similarly, a full-body MRI scan can cost around Rs 10800.
There are several top-rated MRI centres in Pune that offer competitive pricing for their services. For instance, Bookmerilab, a well-known platform for booking medical tests, offers a range of MRI scans at discounted rates. They have partnered with top MRI centres in Pune and provide prices, extra discounts, and online booking for MRI scans. Additionally, MFine, another popular platform, offers up to 50% off on MRI scan costs in Pune, with prices starting at Rs 3500.
It's essential to choose a reputable and well-equipped MRI center to ensure accurate results. Pune, being a major health hub, has numerous government-assisted super-specialty hospitals and diagnostics centres that offer high-quality services. However, it's crucial to research and compare prices and services before selecting a center.
In summary, the cost of an MRI scan in Pune varies significantly depending on the type of scan, the body part being scanned, and the quality of the machine. While the basic cost of an MRI scan can start at around Rs 3150, more advanced scans can cost up to Rs 22500. It's crucial to choose a reputable center and research prices to ensure accurate results and the best value for your money.

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