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Lubricants play a key role in keeping the overall machinery in check. It helps in reducing friction and enhances life of machines. We provide advanced and highest quality engineered formulations for the consistent performance of your machines. Lubrication oil is pivotal for the control of disunion and wear by adding a disunion– reducing film between the moving shells. The lubricant or lubrication oil which is used can either be a fluid or solid substance. Substances which are generally used to slick a face are lube oil painting and grease which are the most common forms of lubricants available. The type of lubricant used is determined by the operation. There are different types of lube canvases for different operations similar as machine, artificial, marine and others.

What is Lubricants
By creating a coating that lessens friction between two surfaces in contact, lubrication minimises wear and friction. The lubricant used may be a substance that is solid, liquid, or plastic. Oil is one of the fluids that is frequently used in lubrication, hence oil lubrication is the subject of this article. Surfaces are lubricated using a number of materials. The two most popular are oil and grease. Oil serves as the primary lubricant in grease, which is composed comprised of oil plus a thickening agent to assist guarantee uniformity. Depending on the needs of the application, several additives may be added to the lubrication oil. Mineral, synthetic, vegetable, or a combination of the three, based oils are all acceptable.

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